Agriculture Magazine is the most widely circulated monthly magazine of its kind in the Philippines.  Established in 1997, it is also one of the longest-running magazines in the Philippines. 

Agriculture Monthly is edited by agriculture journalist Yvette Tan. It features a wide range of stories: from crops to farm animals, scientific research and marketing strategies, to farming tips and new opportunities in agriculture.

Every new issue of Agriculture Monthly brings with it potentially profitable ventures in farming and livestock; it has even been credited for breaking the news on new crops as well as groundbreaking techniques in farming. As such, each new issue readily sells at the stands, and each copy is kept as an authoritative resource for both leisure and working farms.

Agriculture Monthly is read by professional farmers who wish to maximize their investments and make their lands productive. It is also for leisure farmers and hobbyists who want to learn how to farm. It is inspiring and informative, presented in a reader-friendly format with easy-to-understand articles that make it a popular read for beginners; its insider knowledge, on the other hand, makes it an invaluable resource for professionals.