October Agricultural Festivals

Halad Inasal Festival’s festive atmosphere is tripled by being a cultural, religious, and food festival. (Talisay City Official Government Website)

We’re going deeper into 2023, and the months are getting noticeably colder. Don’t surrender to the cold yet, because you can keep your body warm and active by checking out different towns in the country celebrating their annual festivals this October!

Dance and party with the locals as you visit these towns with agri-related festivals for October.

Unod Festival | Castilla, Sorsogon
October 4

At Castilla, the word ‘unod’ means root crop, and this town celebrates a good harvest of root crops through the Unod Festival. One of the festival’s traditions is the Padarakulaan Unod Contest, which is an event where barangays of the town display their largest root crop and compete for a winning prize. 

Aside from the competition, the festival spreads out different events throughout the week, and locals can enjoy a night market, concerts, pageants, an unod eating contest, a goat costume competition, and more fun festivities.

Barangays compete for the largest and best root crop at the Padarakulaan Unod Contest. (Castilla Pio / Facebook)

Halad Inasal Festival | Talisay, Cebu
October 4

This major festival of Talisay is a cultural, religious, and food festival all-in-one. The locals hold the festival in honor of their patron saint St. Therese of Avila, and showcase their pride in their “inasal ” or lechon made by the city.

The Halad Inasal Festival features concerts, street dances, a float parade, a festival queen competition, and food fairs where local lechoneros showcase their lechon and related cuisine.

Halad Inasal Festival’s festive atmosphere is tripled by being a cultural, religious, and food festival. (Talisay City Official Government Website)

Tinapang Salinas Festival | Rosario, Cavite
October 22

Rosario, on the other hand, shows their pride in their local specialty ‘tinapang salinas’ through a festival with the same name. This smoked fish has brought good economic developments to the town, such as tourism opportunities and stable incomes.

Locals look forward to events such as fashion shows, street dances, concerts, and a parade.

Local dancers of Rosario honor their tinapang salinas by incorporating it into their costumes. (Municipal of Rosario / Facebook)

Lanzones Festival | Camiguin
Final Week

One of the biggest festivals for October is the Lanzones Festival, in which the whole province of Camiguin comes together to celebrate the island’s famous lanzones. One of the highlights of the festival is the lanzones eat-all-you-can open to everyone.

Aside from the lanzones-centered events, the week-long celebration also has foodfests, a zumba dance party, talent shows, trade fairs, pageants, street dances, parades, and even a fireworks display. 

Lanzones are used in costumes, props, and decorations at the Lanzones Festival in Camiguin. (Lanzones Festival Official Facebook Page)

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