UK backyard farmer breaks Guinness World Records for the heaviest onion

Tony Glover from the United Kingdom (UK) broke the Guinness World Records for the heaviest onion after cultivating a massive 18-pound and 11-ounce onion.

Tony Glover, a backyard farmer from the United Kingdom, holds the heaviest onion, which weighs 18-pound and 11-ounce according to the Guinness World Record. (Keith Foster)

He planted it in October 2013 and harvested it in September 2014 in his backyard garden in Moira, Leicestershire, UK.

The onion measures 32 inches around its widest part, big enough to break the previous record held by fellow UK grower Peter Glazebook by 10 ounces.

Glover said in an interview with the Daily Express UK that his father influenced his interest in farming and that he’s been growing vegetables since he was 16. 

The secret to growing the world’s heaviest onion is not dependent on luck, said Glover, but on the right and controlled weather conditions. 

Glover grew it in a greenhouse that is heated during the winter and cooled during the summer. In order to stimulate sunlight during the shorter days and inclement weather, he used grow lights mounted on the onion, and he always made sure that the humidity was just right.

Glover said that its seed will be planted to grow an even bigger onion to beat his own record.


Photo courtesy of Keith Foster

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