Passion-driven farming: Farmer in Cavite inspires the community through diversified agriculture

Feeding of free-range chicken. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)


Jomil Deocera Andoy, at the age of 33, has dedicated his life to farming. Jomil, a graduate of Diploma in Agricultural Technology from Capiz State University, has spent the last 8 years managing farms in Alfonso, Cavite. A deep-rooted passion for farming has been present since childhood due to the influence of both parents, who were farmers. In fact, his education was made possible by the farming activities of Jomil’s parents.Jomil said that becoming a farmer was his personal choice, driven by the joy he finds in this profession and his ability to support his family through it. When asked about his feelings towards being a farmer and whether he takes pride in his profession, Jomil responded with a resounding “Yes.”


Growing ampalaya in metal drums. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Jomil’s sense of pride begins with the sheer joy he finds in his work. To him, farming isn’t merely a job —it’s a passion that he wholeheartedly embraces. “The moment you plant your crops and then harvest them yourself, that’s one of the most fulfilling moments for a farmer,” Jomil said.

This enthusiasm is profound in his everyday tasks, from tilling the soil to tending to his crops. The connection he has with the land and the satisfaction of nurturing life from seed to harvest are the driving forces behind his commitment to farming.


Jomil Deocera Andoy keeps records of the planting schedule of crops. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Diverse cultivation

Their farm operates as an integrated and diversified agricultural venture. It encompasses the cultivation of a wide array of crops such as eggplant, okra, string beans, bitter gourd, cucumber, corn, papaya, and even dragon fruit. In addition to crop cultivation, they also engage in livestock rearing, which includes native chickens, native pigs, goats, and rabbits. Furthermore, a fishery dedicated to tilapia is also part of their farming activities.


Jomil inspects the growth of the seedlings. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

They employ a farming approach where vegetables are cultivated in raised beds, and animals are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitats, adhering to a free-range approach.

“By adopting this practice, we incur minimal expenses for both feeds and labor,” Jomil said.


Feeding of free-range chicken. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Challenges and struggles

One of the foremost challenges that every farmer in the Philippines, regardless of their scale, has to confront is the unforgiving force of nature.

“Challenges like typhoons, floods, and more—every year, we face all of them,” Jomil said.” But a true farmer is always prepared for these situations. That’s why we practice integrated and diversified farming because we don’t want to risk everything by putting all our resources in one place.”


Crops are grown in raised beds. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Passion as the driving force

No matter the challenges that arise, Jomil firmly believes that as long as one is passionate and happy with what they do, solutions can be found. These challenges, rather than deterring him, serve as mechanisms for finding innovative ways to make things work. “Sometimes, these challenges are the ones that give us the courage to pursue the things we want to happen in our lives,” he said.

Among his most memorable experiences, Jomil counts his role as a consultant for several farms across the Philippines. This endeavor holds a special place in his heart, as it allows him to give back to the farming community. Offering free consultations to aspiring farmers who are just starting their agricultural journey is a way for him to share the wisdom he has accumulated over the years.


Rabbits are kept in steel cages. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Additionally, his participation in media interviews has given him the opportunity to inspire and educate a broader audience and contribute to the agriculture industry. Furthermore, as the founder of a Lettuce Grower in the Philippines organization, Jomil considers this achievement to be among the most significant and proudest accomplishments.

Beyond his personal passion, farming has transformed into an advocacy for Jomil. He sees it as his mission to share his accomplishments and proven farming practices with his fellow farmers. “I want to share with my fellow farmers the things I have accomplished and proven in farming, he said.

A profitable and sustainable farm

Jomil’s primary mission for his farm is to make it more profitable and sustainable. He aims to strike that balance where the farm thrives economically without compromising the environment or the well-being of the community. By achieving this, Jomil hopes to generate more job opportunities, a goal that not only supports his community but also enriches the lives of his community. Jomil believes that his integrated and diversified farming approach can set a precedent for profitable agricultural systems.


Native pigs fed with leftover crops on the farm. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Jomil’s vision goes beyond conventional farming. He’s set his sights on innovative projects that will not only enhance his farm but also transform it into a hub of attraction. “I wanted to put greenhouses, orchidarium, an aviary and include different breeds of animals to attract more visitors because I also plan to make this farm an Agritourism site,” he said.

Innovation for progress

Jomil’s aspirations for the future of his farm are rooted in his belief that love and dedication are the compass guiding the way to a meaningful destination. He envisions a brighter future for the entire agricultural industry in the Philippines. “Innovation, I think, is the only way to improve the agricultural industry in the Philippines.


Harvesting of lettuce grown on raised protected by net shading. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

He envisions a future where sustainable methods become the norm. These advancements, he believes, will not only increase productivity but also enhance the livelihoods of farmers across the country

Embracing failure and fearless exploration

According to Jomil, decisions should be grounded in three pillars — experimentation, observation, and experience. Jomil said that farming is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and it’s a dynamic field where learning is a lifelong process. Farmers should be willing to experiment with new techniques, crops, and methods. They should keenly observe the nuances of their land, crops, and livestock. And, most importantly, they should draw from their own experiences and those of their farming community.


Jomil checking out his sitao on a trellis. (Jomil Deocera Andoy)

Jomil acknowledges that farming is challenging and full of challenges. However, he said, “No one succeeds without failing; failure is a part of your success in farming. In agriculture, decisions should be based on experimentation, observation, and experience.”

Jomil encourages aspiring farmers to not be afraid to engage in farming. Trying new things, whether it’s cultivating a different crop or raising animals, can lead to unexpected and profitable outcomes. “There is no crop that is not profitable as long as you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each crop,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Jomil Deocera Andoy

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