Mama knows best: Here are three tips on how to start a business

Cecilia Natividad took the risk of establishing her business after 33 long years of employment in a multinational corporation. She founded Mama Cili Bangus Sardines, a company that sells bottled milkfish nationwide. 

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She shared three tips on how to start a business.

Find a need

“Capitalize what you have and do what you want to do,” Natividad stated. They have a milkfish pond  in Anda, Pangasinan, but instead of selling the fish raw, she thought of something unique and not available in the market. “Bottling milkfish has a higher value compared to selling it as is,” Natividad stated.

Look around the environment and assess what is lacking. Find a need and see how it can be filled. 

Build connections, then strengthen them

Natividad stated that trade fairs, seminars, and workshops are important. It helped her understand the different aspects of business, including management, sales, marketing, and many more. 

“Through simple interaction with buyers and our co-sellers, it will help the business be discovered and expanded; connection with the community is really important,” Natividad said.

Have your hows and whys

Mama Cili Bangus Sardines also encountered different challenges brought on by unpredictable circumstances. Natividad said, “Business owners must be passionate about everything they do, so challenges will not harm their drive to start and maintain a business.”

Natividad said that what keeps her going aside from the economic benefit of her business is the sense of satisfaction when people purchase her products and compliment their taste.

If truth be told, not all businesses are bound to succeed. But there are ways to help a business owner overcome challenges and sustain a business. At first, Natividad did not have any experience in business, but through constant learning from different entities, she was able to start, sustain, and succeed in the field.

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