Farm-friendly gifts for Father’s Day

As a provider of food and income for the family, Father’s Day is the day to appreciate all father-farmers. (Sasin Tipchai / Pixabay)

So your father is a farmer? That’s extremely respectable and we’re sure you’re proud of the way he provides food and income for your family. 

With Father’s Day creeping up, you’re probably wondering what the perfect gift is for a father who is a farmer. In case you haven’t got any ideas yet, we’ve asked previously featured father-farmers what they think would be the best gift to receive from their families.

Here are some of their suggestions:

A hat

When people draw or describe farmers, they often put them in simple clothes standing out on the field and with the iconic straw hat.

On that note, sometimes a touching gift can be something as simple as a hat. Especially if it’s personalized to your father’s taste.

“There are people who are happy with their favorite things like a hat,” Danny Dionisio of Mang Danny’s Organic and Natural Farm said. “It could be the Godfather hat,” he adds, subtly sharing his taste.

Another father expressed his appreciation of such a gift. “My daughter gave me a hat with special embroidery ‘Laureta Dragon Fruit Farm,’ “ Mario Laureta of the Laureta Dragon Fruit Farm said. “[And] I appreciated it (so) much.”

A farmer would often labor under the sun to tend to his crops, so a personalized hat is definitely both a touching and useful gift for a father. But the point here isn’t the hat. It’s knowing the favorites and taste of your dad well enough to be able to give him something related to it. Such gifts are sure to be appreciated.

Farm tools or devices

A farmer’s best helpers are his tools. When it comes to tending the fields or observing the crops’ environment, there are a lot of devices out there that can help lighten the load at the farm.

Bayliss Razo, or Boy Gatas, said, “For me what a farmer and what I personally would really want is something that would make my job easier.”

“I dream of a battery-operated sprayer,” Laureta said. “Why a battery-operated sprayer? Because a farmer gets tired using a manual sprayer while walking and pumping at the same time.”

For Roderick Bulay of the BF EcoFarm and Leisure Park, he thinks a soil acidity and moisture sensor would be a nice thing to receive. As a high-tech tool, sensors assist farmers greatly with giving them the information on the status of their crops, and helps the farmer maintain the optimal environment for it. If you’ve got the budget for it, then splurging on agritech devices might put a smile on your dad’s face.

But Laureta adds, “A simple tool is okay with me if given from the heart.” A farming tool doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be appreciated. The devices mentioned above are mere suggestions, but it could perhaps provide direction to what would be a useful tool for your father’s farm.

Father-farmers have some personal preferences when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. (Henry Strauss / Pixabay)


Although not very sentimental, a monetary gift can be extremely helpful for your father to afford any inputs he needs for the farm. Farm inputs can be pricey, but are beneficial for the health and prosperity of the farm. 

For Bulay, aside from a farm device, his honest opinion for a good gift would be cash. But if money is too direct or simple of a gift for you, then he also suggested a grocery package for the family. Basically, a gift that would lighten the burden on certain aspects of his role as the family’s provider.

If you have the means to spend, then a farm supplies or grocery shopping trip might be a great gift! There’s the added bonus of bonding with your dad as you take the trips to the places you need to go.

Love and attention

Speaking of bonding, a good gift doesn’t always have to be something you spent money on. Actions made out of love can mean a lot to a father.

“Being a father and a farmer, a simple gesture where I feel the love and care of my two children, my happiness reaches the heavens,” Dionisio said.

Help your dad out as he works in the fields, cook a meal for him, listen to his stories, or express interest in his profession. These actions aren’t just confined to fathers who are farmers, but will be appreciated by fathers from all walks of life.

However, being a farmer is hard work, and there are plenty of problems in the agricultural sector which causes bumps for farmers who just want to do their business smoothly. Lend an ear to his problems, and empathize with him. These are all simple gestures that will definitely make your father feel loved on Father’s Day.

The above suggestions may be ideas for Father’s Day, but expressing appreciation for your father’s role as the provider of food for the family doesn’t have to be limited to a special occasion.

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