Milk Matters: NDA shares quick milk tips in honor of World Milk Day

Milk is for all ages. (National Dairy Authority)

To commemorate World Milk Day last June 1, the National Dairy Authority (NDA) launched a press conference discussing intensified dairy programs to improve the milk industry of our country.

The NDA envisions a 500% increase in dairy production over the next five years. This can be achieved through a strategy that involves developing stock farms to breed island born dairy animals, improved feed, collaboration with dairy cooperatives, and more.

But before achieving all that, the NDA highlights the proper drinking and storage for fresh milk. 

A complete food

Milk is one of the most nutritious drinks in the world. It’s not just healthy for children, but it’s also beneficial for adults and seniors to keep milk in their diet.

One glass of milk is already packed with calcium, protein, vitamin D, and other vitamins and minerals all essential for maintaining healthy bones and enhancing brain function. 

All kinds of milk are nutritious, however, milk from local dairy farms is different from those bought in groceries, mainly in terms of its freshness. 

Dairy farms in the country maintain high standards when preparing fresh milk. (National Dairy Authority

According to Dairy Confederation of the Philippines President Danny Fausto, the gross supply of milk in the Philippines is 3.3 billion liters, however the local dairy production produces less than 1% of that. So the majority of the milk we consume is from imports.

Milk sold in our local groceries are, more often than not, processed in order to last longer in family’s refrigerators despite being labeled as ‘fresh’. On the other hand, milk from local dairy farms is undoubtedly fresher and less processed (and can taste better!) However, they live short lives once opened. Locally-made fresh milk can only last for three to four days at most even when refrigerated.

Here are quick tips from the NDA on the best way to store and drink locally made fresh milk.

Milky Dos and Don’ts

DO store milk immediately in the refrigerator to keep it from spoiling too quickly. Milk that isn’t stored in the fridge can only last for about two to four hours at room temperature.

DON’T store milk with raw chicken, fish, pork, or any food with strong odors as it may influence its taste. It’s best to store it in the chiller.

DO have kids aged 3-12 drink around 800 to 200 ml of milk everyday for healthy growth.

DON’T drink milk or have others drink milk without making sure it’s still fresh and good to consume.

DO try to consume an opened bottle of milk quickly in order to avoid it spoiling and to maximize its nutritional benefits.

DON’T drink milk on an empty stomach. Remember to eat before downing your glass of milk! Milk can make you feel full, which could keep you from finishing the meal you’re currently eating. For those with lactose intolerance, eating something before drinking milk can help with digesting the milk.

Milk is for all ages. (National Dairy Authority)

There are plenty of people who think they’ve outgrown milk, but are actually missing out on the nutrients that a single glass can provide.

The NDA was established in order to highlight the importance of milk and dairy in our diet, and the recent press conference has shown their determination to improve the country’s dairy production in order to have fresh and good-quality milk more accessible to Filipinos.

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