5 tips to market your farm on social media

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In the age of social media, having an account on several social media platforms is a must for many businesses to gain more reach. However, doing things on social media is not just all about setting up an account, it involves a list of things to consider. 
Whether its potential to be an agritourism site or product market, farms can really get a boost in both reach and sales if they engage in social media. Here are some tips to consider: 
Ensure an up-to-date information 
Farms should ensure that the information they are posting on social media is the latest and accurate to ensure that potential customers can properly get in touch. Aside from updated contact information, keeping up-to-date information can also improve the overall impression of potential customers of the farm. 
Use photos and videos in posts 
Social media world is a busy place full of scattered information, and one of the ways to catch a user’s attention is through visually appealing posts. Inclusion of photos and videos were proven to help boost a post’s engagements compared to text-only formats. Use of photos can also help people further understand the day-to-day farming operations and get a glimpse of the farm’s products. 
Engage with the users 
In social media, a business owner’s role is not limited to just creating and posting, they are also called to engage with their potential customers by responding to messages and comments – in a good way. People are emotion-filled individuals and it is important to learn how to engage, talk, and understand them. Responding to messages, especially in a faster manner, can also boost the farm’s credibility to potential customers. 
Boost some of the significant posts 
For those who have the budget for it, boosting some posts can increase reach and gain control on the kind of audience the post is targeting. This is especially needed for farms that are just starting to establish their presence on platforms like Facebook, unless they’ve already started to go viral. 
Always check the analytics
In posting content online, it is important to also consider what is “in” and what is not. This can be potentially difficult for starting farms, especially if they only had limited engagements with people outside their usual field. Through analytics, farm owners can track the performance of their posts and use the data as leverage to improve the social media approaches. Aside from content posting, checking the analytics of visitors and followers can also help understand the audience interested in what the farm is doing. 
Doing social media work on top of daily farming activities can be especially daunting for many farmers, but this is already an increasingly necessary step to survive in a world connected by social media. 

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