A newly discovered flower named in honor of a BLACKPINK member

A photo of the newly discovered Bunga Lalisa. (Photo: Biodiversity CHM Thailand)
A group of scientists in Thailand discovered a new species of flowering plants under the Annonaceae family and named it after the Thai-born K-pop singer Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban, a member of the famous South Korean girl group BLACKPINK.
Researchers at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Science discovered the plant during their research expedition in the thick forests located in southern Thailand. The plant was named “Bunga Lalisa,” derived from the Thai word for flower (bunga), and the given name of Blackpink’s Lisa (Lalisa). 
Lalisa Manobal is a Thai-born singer, dancer, and rapper, who debuted in BLACKPINK’s “Square One” album released in 2016. Since then, she and the group have inspired a lot of people around the world, one of which is a Thai Ph.D. student specializing in the taxonomy and evolution of rare plants in Thailand. 
According to the published report, the team decided to name the newly discovered plant “Bunga Lalisa” in honor of Lalisa Manobal, a Thai-born member of the famous South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, because of the inspiration she imparted to the study’s first author during her Ph.D. studies. The researchers also added that the plant should be placed on the critically endangered species list, especially since it is severely threatened by deforestation and climate change.

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