5 tips to become a successful farm vlogger

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Different photo and video content are being published across social media channels daily, ranging from food tastings to strange activities. In the age of social media, several farmers and farming enthusiasts are also holding up their phones and cameras to share their lives in the field with the world. 

Branding experts share some tips on how farmers can effectively share their farming lives on social media: 

Determine one’s niche and brand

Amidst the busy world of social media, successful content creators stand out above the rest because of their unique delivery, content, or appeal to emotion. For those starting out, it is important to think of making content that is authentic or memorable for the audience. In farming, these can be about creating video tips for fellow farmers or sharing about fun in the field.

Produce and produce content 

From crafting ideas to creating videos, content creation is often difficult, especially if there is already tons of work to do in the field. Many are discouraged if their first set of video content did not make a dent online. However, experts highlight the importance of consistently producing content and letting one’s follower count increase slowly, but continuously. 

Research found that all of the top 20 vloggers in the world share at least three videos per week on Tiktok and Youtube. Furthermore, Instagram reels continue to dominate Instagram photos in terms of social media mileage, proving the importance of using video content in sharing something. 

Be up-to-date with the latest trends

While sharing one’s passion about a certain topic will help in creating loyal followers, it is also equally essential to be aware of current social media trends and topics. Content aligned with the trends can be boosted naturally and show how engaged the creator is to the medium and connected with the audience. 

Network with fellow creators 

Creating original content is great, but having a network to consult, share best practices, and collaborate with will be a big boost for those starting with farm content creation. Just like how farmer’s cooperatives work, having a network of fellow farm content creators can help in further understanding how the community goes and strengthen relationships for future collaborations. 

More often than not, large content producers and capital ventures often engage with established networks of content creators rather than individuals. Being in a network definitely opens up a lot of opportunities for farmers who are into content creation. 

Always check analytics 

Similar to checking the variables affecting crop production, it is also important to always gauge what is happening with the content published. The statistics about the reach, engagements, and even audience types will help creators tailor and fit their content more effectively. 

By understanding statistics, content creators can easily determine what is being viewed and what is not, something that almost all industries are always looking at. 

While the field of agriculture is often stereotyped as dull and poor, the rise of farming content creators can help change the landscape of how it is pictured in social media. Online content can help people become interested and eventually venture into the field that feeds the world’s growing population.



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