This new type of flour can make people fuller for longer

Photo: Mariana Kurnyk/Pexels

Scientists bio-engineered a variety of flour that can make people feel fuller for a longer time and help lower blood glucose levels. 

Scientists from King’s College London in the UK developed a new type of flour from a variety of chickpeas, lentils, and beans. While flour is a good source of fiber, scientists believe that the integrity of the ingredients are lessened due to the traditional milling process. 

In a bid to make flour better, scientists modified crops and the milling process to produce whole-cell pulse flour. The modification allows the ingredients to retain their full pack of nutrients in making bread. The individuals who participated in the study reported that the modified bread made them feel fuller for a longer time. Blood analyses show a 60% reduction of blood glucose for enhanced bread flour to regular flour. 

This was the first study of its kind that showed the benefits of whole-cell pulse flour and its potential in helping people dealing with obesity and diabetes achieve a balanced diet. According to UK Quadram Institute bioscientist Cathrina Edwards, this study is a promising example of how modifying the structure of food, not just in flour, can be utilized to improve the metabolic and fullness effects of everyday food products.


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