Wearable tech now used to monitor cattle in China

Image by Stephan und Tina Forstmann/Pixabay

A team of researchers built a wearable monitoring device powered by cows’ movement. The device monitors the health, location, and environment of cows. It is designed to help with food safety and efficiency as it requires less cost than installing a conventional monitoring system.

Zutao Zhang, the co-author and a researcher at Southwest Jiaotong University, said that monitoring the health and environment is essential in cattle production to prevent disease and for better breeding management. 

The device can monitor the environment’s oxygen concentration, temperature, and humidity. It also measures the amount of physical energy exerted by a cow.  

The data derived from the device will be used for managing reproductive cycles, disease prevention, and improving milk production.

Cows must wear the devices on their necks and ankles. Their’ kinetic energy when they move, walk, and run will power the sensory device.

The monitoring devices have magnets and a pendulum that amplifies the cow’s tiny movements to ensure sufficient energy production. The power generated is then stored in a lithium battery.

Zhang believed that their device will contribute to the smart technology development in the global food system. Not only that, but their team was also hoping to incorporate their technology into human healthcare, sports monitoring, and building home wireless sensor networks.


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