Emerging trends that may shape global agriculture this 2023

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Agriculture impacts society in many ways, and determining the trends associated with the industry is essential for economies to navigate the upcoming year. From more accessible vaccines to the dawn of modern technologies, experts highlight several global trends that are likely to transform agriculture in 2023. 

Countries are likely to ramp up animal vaccinations after the rise of vaccine-preventable illnesses in livestock last 2022. There are plans to set up banks of vaccine doses to combat livestock diseases and make those more accessible to farmers. 

Following the global food crisis last 2022, more institutions are now inclined to prioritize attracting more young people to agriculture for food security. Initiatives to increase the income of farmers and relieve the new graduates from school-related debts will likely help boost the number of young farmers this 2023.

The rapid growth of internet providers and the increased availability of cheaper artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology were among the global highlights of 2022. More accessible technology for smallholder farmers will likely pave way for the dawn of smart agriculture in more developing areas this year. 

The impacts of the newly imposed tariffs or import taxes in many countries will also likely affect global agriculture this 2023 through price inflation and restricted supply of raw materials. 

As the world emerges from the pandemic, consumers will likely take food safety measures to a higher level this year. Producers may need to prepare for increased expenses as they face more regulations to meet consumer demands. 

The water supply problem will also likely continue to plague agriculture this year, especially since many regions concluded the last year in a state of drought and will continue to face water shortages this 2023.


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