Batangas vacation home is now a coconut farm and resort 

The Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort functions as a restaurant, resort, events venue, food manufacturer, and working farm.

By Vina Medenilla 

Family-owned lots are generally special to families for various reasons. Some prefer to keep their spaces private and personal, while others welcome visitors into them.

The family that runs Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort (ACFR) had initially kept their property for exclusive use before deciding to go with the latter.

Coconuts are abundant in Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort located in the highlands of Lipa, Batangas. (Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort)

With a 10-hectare land that was bought in 1995, this farm resort in Lipa, Batangas was formed by the De Guzman Family Corporation.

Over the years, the land served the family for more than one purpose. “It began as a family weekend getaway in 1997, with a reconstructed Filipino ancestral home in a rustic bucolic setting, with sprawling virgin fields and open views.” 

The ACFR has progressed from only cultivating coconuts to being a full-fledged farm filled with assorted fruit trees and a burgeoning resort with dining and event facilities. 

In photo: The vegetable garden at Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort, where the lettuce for its farm-to-table salad is freshly sourced. (Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort)

Adapting to the unseen enemy that is Covid-19

Even in the face of the pandemic, the farm offers good food, employment, and income to all the families that rely on it.

Despite operating under limited conditions during the lockdowns, the De Guzman family looked for opportunities to expand and engage in new projects, which led them to the production of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and the cultivation of native crops.

Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort is an FDA-approved manufacturer of VCO. The ACFR’s virgin coconut oil is “pure, premium, organic, and unprocessed.” 

They have successfully registered their VCO with the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), too, and have been adhering to the industry standards for coconut production.

“The PCA has visited our farm and commended our facility as an example for local Philippine coconut growers. It has been a long but rewarding and educational experience,” the family shared. 

The farm’s produce was originally intended for family consumption alone. However, the harvests are also sold especially since yields are more than sufficient for the family needs. Selling products is also a strategy to keep the farm afloat during the pandemic.

In January 2020, the farm also opened its doors for events, farm visits, overnight lodging, and farm-to-table dining.

“The farm was beautified with native tropical landscaping and local Filipino fruit trees like langka, mango, avocado, guyabano, calamansi, rambutan, atis, santol, papaya, and banana. This naturally led to the development of 5,000 square meters of farm plots dedicated to organic vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, carrots, ginger, string beans, [and more].”

They added, “Due to the lush tropical growth and ample land for farm expansion, we are now exploring the sale of native Filipino landscaping plants. Currently, we are offering these plants: two varieties of San Francisco, Mayana, Pandang Bukid, and Pakpak Lawin.” 

In addition to the farm’s diversification and development, the family takes pride in the fact that they were able to keep their workforce even at the height of the pandemic.

Just a few hours away from Metro Manila, guests can get to this farm resort that offers a restful getaway. (Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort)

Leaning toward a “Filipino-style” farm

The Anahaw Farm and Resort, a farm that’s not so far from the metro, offers a tranquil setting for families to enjoy. 

More than its resort amenities, such as the swimming pool, the De Guzman family hopes guests will also appreciate their commitment to sustainable farming, naturally-grown local produce, native plants, and their particular appreciation for the humble coconut.

Yoga, dining events, and other events take place in this multipurpose gazebo. (Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort)

Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort, with all of its functions today, constantly strives to expand and flourish as a business. Thanks to the De Guzmans, the farm also allows other families and groups to experience Filipino farm life. 

Photos courtesy of Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort 

For more information, visit Anahaw Coconut Farm and Resort

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