5 agriculture vloggers that you should follow

Dwight Tamayo is an internet influencer whose vlogs are sources of information on layer poultry production.

By Vina Medenilla

The digital age has created a lot of opportunities for many sectors, including agriculture. Numerous farmers and agribusinesses have gone online to stay relevant, especially during the pandemic when physical contact is limited.

Aside from launching their online business pages, some farmers have also taken advantage of the platform to share their stories through vlogging.

Farming channels on YouTube cover a wide range of topics. We narrowed it down to five local vloggers that you can follow based on the areas of agriculture you want to learn more about.

Agribusiness How it Works

There is money in agribusiness. This is the message that Agribusiness How It Works conveys through the success stories of the farmers and agripreneurs it features. 

The man behind this channel with almost 800,000 YouTube subscribers is Buddy Gancenia, aka “Mr. Agribusiness,” who aims to inspire more Filipinos, especially OFWs, to get into farming.

Buddy Gancenia of Agribusiness How it Works YouTube channel.

Gancenia’s vlogging approach is more raw and informal, allowing viewers to hear real-life stories and experiences from farmers themselves.

His channel is especially helpful if you intend to start an agribusiness. It is well-known for showcasing people from various walks of life who have found success in agriculture. 

As the vlog’s slogan goes, “Instruct, inspire, and succeed.”

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Benzone Kennedy F. Sepe

If you want to learn how to produce apples in your backyard, you better check the videos of a local apple grower named Benzone Kennedy F. Sepe, who owns the first ATI-accredited farm for apple production in the country. 

Sepe tends to 300 apple trees in his orchard in Davao del Sur, along with other fruits that aren’t typically grown locally, such as pear, persimmon, peach, Hass avocado, orange, and guava.

On his YouTube channel and Facebook page, he shares tips, techniques, farm updates, and many other topics related to apple cultivation.

Benzone Kennedy F. Sepe, an apple grower from Marawer, Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur.

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Dwight Tamayo 

Dwight Tamayo, a registered nurse, is an individual who has found greener pastures in farming and vlogging.

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If the first two channels focus on apple production and agribusiness success stories, Tamayo’s vlogs, on the other hand, talk mostly about layer poultry farming.

Tamayo’s channel has more than 96,000 subscribers to date, with videos that receive thousands of views. It consists of vlogs that are brief (not lasting more than 15 minutes), clear, and insightful. 

Dwight Tamayo is an internet influencer whose vlogs are sources of information on layer poultry production.

Tamayo’s channel is a good place to start if you need ideas for layer poultry production as he also provides his firsthand experiences as examples.

Raffy’s Green Thumb

Go watch Raffy’s Green Thumb by Raffa Capalaran if you are looking for content on organic urban farming.

This YouTube channel is ideal for beginners as it covers everything about urban agriculture methods, from creating organic concoctions to practicing vertical planting using flour sacks.

Capalaran, a senior high school teacher, hopes that his vlogs will have an impact on youth, including his students.

Raffa Capalaran works as a full-time teacher, farmer, and vlogger.

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The Agrillenial

Reden Costales, also known as “The Agrillenial,” is another YouTuber who has made a name for himself in the local agriculture scene. He is the current president of Costales Nature Farms, the first recognized agritourism site in the Philippines. 

The Agrillenial Reden Costales strikes a pose.

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The Agrillenial, with almost 150,000 subscribers, talks about running a farm business. His videos capture various areas of agriculture. His most popular uploads on YouTube are mainly about soil nutrition and fertilizers.

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