Agriculture Online’s Top 5 articles in 2021

The same Stephania erecta plant after it was acquired by Atty. Emil Maranon III and was given enough sunlight (Photo by Amy Lastimosa)

Many Filipinos are interested in growing crops, ornamentals, or livestock for business or pleasure, and this has only increased during the pandemic as more people turn to growing their own food, selling their harvests, or gardening as self-care to weather the global crisis.

 Stephania erecta plant after it was acquired by Atty. Emil Maranon III and was given enough sunlight (Photo by Amy Lastimosa)

Here are the Top Five most searched for topics in in 2021:

#5 – Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) can spur plant growth

FPJ–fermented plant juice, not the late actor–can be an important part of a natural farmer’s arsenal. It contains microorganisms and lactic acid  that can aid crop growth. Natural farmers can make their own FPJ from materials they probably already have on the farm. It’s an effective and low cost way to boost crop nutrition.

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# 4 – Native Chicken Farming

Native chickens used to be a common sight in many households. While urbanization has meant that less families raise their own fowl for consumption, the native chicken’s popularity as a good source of cheap protein, especially for the backyard farmer, has never waned. This article is our 101 on raising native chickens. It’s a good primer for anyone looking to raise native poultry.

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# 3 – Balayong: The Philippine cherry blossom

Agriculture Online readers love stories about indigenous plants, and their favorite is this feature on the balayong, or Palawan cherry. Everyone has heard about Japan’s world-famous cherry blossoms, so Filipinos were delighted to find out that they needn’t leave the country to witness a similar sight. They can visit Palawan during the Balayong Festival held around March, as soon as it’s safe to travel once again, of course.

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# 2 – Raising rabbits can be a low cost but profitable business

Raising rabbits for food has slowly been gaining popularity in the Philippines. Apart from being endorsed by the Department of Agriculture, raising rabbits offers both backyard growers and small farmers an opportunity to make money with relatively low capital. Plus, since the market is relatively new, there’s a lot of room for the industry to grow. And no, rabbit does not taste like chicken.

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# 1 – Stephania erecta: a beginner’s guide

Agriculture Online’s most read article in 2021 is about stephania erecta, an ornamental plant whose popularity continues to grow. 2020 heralded the rise of plantitos and plantitas, spurring an interest in ornamental plants. Want to learn about stephania erecta? This 101 is a good place to start.

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