DA grant awardees launch app for Philippine rabit industry

Photo by Pradeep Kumar Sahu on Pexels

Pushing for Agriculture 4.0 in rabbit industry, young agripreneurs in Banga, South Cotabato have developed an android- based tracking and classification tool that assists their rabbitry farm for its operations. Dubbed as e-Rabbitero, the offline app enables them to register the rabbit and has an automated notification designed for easier monitoring.

Chester Ian S. Pineda, 24, owner of CSP Smart Farm, emphasized the importance of technological innovations in agriculture especially in boosting food production from rabbit farming, and fostering efficiency in farm’s operations. “Department of Agriculture has been advocating for Agriculture 4.0, young agripreneurs have it takes to take it to the next level their innovations and ideas into reality” he said.

As grantees of Department of Agriculture (DA) – Kabataang Agribiz Competitive Grant Assistance Program, Chester and his sister Sharlene S. Pineda, 27, manager of CSP Smart Farm, express their gratitude to the agency for the financial aid it granted the young farmers to realize their Business Model Canvas entitled Rabbitry Smart Farm.

“CSP Smart Farm is not an ordinary rabbitry farm. It pioneers Agriculture 4.0 in the region with our developed e-Rabbitero.” Sharlene said.

Since rabbits are prolific in nature, managing a hundred or thousand heads will be a challenge, she said. As for the features of e-Rabbitero, the tool automatically notifies specific breeding, birthing, and weaning time; as well as the inventory of rabbits and cages.  The app can be dynamically switched-in between English and Hiligaynon for an easy understanding of farmers.

With the aid of Department of Science and Technology – Agri- Aqua Technology Business Incubation (ATBI), CSP Smart Farm’s young agripreneurs are seeing promising impact of the innovation to agriculture 4.0 of the country, and will result to “masaganang ani at mataas na kita” eventually.

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