ATI-accredited farm schools that aspiring farmers can visit for learning

Baluzo Farm is a 1.3-hectare land that is a learning institution, a working farm, and an agritourism site in Camarines Norte. (Photo courtesy of Baluzo Farm)

By Vina Medenilla

There are innumerable sources of information available to help budding farmers learn about various aspects of agriculture, both online and offline. 

They can learn from home via webinars, online courses, videos, blog posts, articles, and online community groups, to name a few options. 

Beginners can also develop their skills and experience through physical training in any accredited farm school near them. ATI-accredited learning sites are meant to provide information on farming and serve as a venue where novice farmers can put what they’ve learned into practice.

Here are some accredited farm schools in the Philippines where farmers can attend training sessions and seminars, as featured on Agriculture Online.

Baluzo Farm 

Among the hundreds of learning sites operating locally is Baluzo Farm. This training center in Daet, Camarines Norte is a School for Practical Agriculture (SPA), which is a scale up from ATI’s Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA). 

Baluzo Farm is a 1.3-hectare land that is a learning institution, a working farm, and an agritourism site in Camarines Norte. (Photo courtesy of Baluzo Farm)

Being a SPA means that the farm carries additional features. Take, for instance, a certified SPA like Baluzo Farm must have establishments that can accommodate live-in trainees.

Aside from private individuals who avail of their programs, the farm also accepts TESDA scholars and students from senior high schools and universities for their immersion and on-the-job training.

Read more about Baluzo Farm here

Iglesias Farm

Another family-owned, integrated farm that is an ATI Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) and TESDA-accredited farm school is Iglesias Farm. 

They offer lessons on organic agriculture production, establishing a farm business, integrated and diversified farming system, as well as agribusiness marketing.

Read more about Iglesias farm here.

Javenri Harvest Farms

If you’re interested in learning about rice production, Javenri Harvest Farm in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, is a good place to start.

As a farm school, Javenri Harvest Farm trains farmers in different agricultural programs including rice production and farm mechanization. (Photo courtesy of Javenri Harvest Farm)

Individuals who want to be future agripreneurs or farm school instructors may take this farm as an inspiration. In a month, Javenri Harvest Farm can earn at least P20,000 from the produce and another P100,000 from the training programs. 

Read more about Javenri Harvest Farm here

RAMI’s Integrated Farm

RAMI’s Integrated Farm, which spans 2.8 hectares, also provides training services for hundreds of students. 

This farm school is located in San Mateo, Isabela. 

You can hone your skills by attending their agricultural courses on high-quality inbred rice production, organic agriculture production NC II, and Rice Machinery Operations NCII.

Farm owners Rufino Ruffy Guillermo (leftmost) and his son PJ Guillermo (rightmost) with the farm trainees. (Photo courtesy of RAMI’s Integrated Farm)

Read more about the RAMI’s Integrated Farm here.

People who want an experience farming firsthand but are lacking in resources may choose to sign up for scholarships and free training sessions sponsored by government agencies.

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