Teacher converts weed-infested area into productive farm

Gregoria Bautista, a teacher, transformed a weed-infested area into a farm grows several crops and raises livestock.

By Eula Dee Lañada
Photos by Aeron P. Bermudez

With a vast area of 4.7 hectares, IGB’s Farm also offers a wide array of crops such as rice, vegetables, and fruit trees. They breed livestock and poultry too. Owned by Ms. Gregoria Bautista, a teacher, her farm is relatively new which was established in 2018.

However, with her perseverance, she has turned an area ravaged by weeds into a beautiful farm
full of rice, fruit trees (cotton fruit, duhat, guava, mango, guyabano, banana, lemon), vegetables (ladies’ fingers, eggplant, squash, tomato, chili pepper, bitter gourd, patola, upo, string beans), livestock and poultry (native pigs, native chicken, ducks, and goat).

Gregoria Bautista established the farm in 2018.

IGB’s farm is usually visited by students (elementary and high school) for a day filled with agricultural activities. It usually starts with an orientation, then certain activities like urban gardening and fishing (tilapia and dalag) follow. They set up tents or mats inside the farm to maximize the camping experience.

After the activities, they gather to share their experiences while feasting on scrumptious food.

With the declining number of young people venturing into agriculture, Bautista believes in instilling them with the love for the craft at a very young age. She hopes that these children will also become farmers one day, and feed the world. Through these field trips in her farm, she hopes that she is imprinting to them her advocacy.

Bautista hopes that the farm will inspire the youth to venture into agriculture.

“Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress, but working hard for something you love is called passion.” Bautista quipped that farming has become a passion to her and she enjoys it more and more each day.

This article was first published as IGB’s Farm in Vignette A Travelogue of Central Luzon’s Agritourism Sites from the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III.

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