Thanks to technology, this indoor garden won’t allow your plants to die 

Photo courtesy of Gardyn from Modern Farmer website.

There’s a new approach to growing vegetables indoors that doesn’t need heavy maintenance because a computer assistant called ‘Kelby’ does it all. 

A company called ‘Gardyn’ has introduced a hydroponic indoor garden that involves cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor the proper lighting and watering of plants. 

This smart garden can cultivate fresh vegetables without soil and insects, making it ideal for growing food regardless of external factors that usually affect crops in a natural setting like the weather. 

The cameras installed in this garden can assess the plants’ needs. Through the sensors, artificial intelligence then discerns plant issues and provides solutions to them. 

The indoor garden comes with an app that allows you to control and manage it. You will also be notified about the plants’ health. 

This hydroponic set-up has the capacity to hold 30 plants. It includes small capsules where plants are grown, vertical columns, a water tank, a pump, and lights. 

After the system has been plugged in and the water tank has been filled, your plants are ready to grow. Crops that grow above ground can be grown in this garden. Plus, you can grow your favorite leafy greens all year round.

Although the sensors provide pretty much all the needs of your plants every day, you’ll have to check the garden from time to time to prevent it from overgrowing.

The heightened interest in home gardening during the pandemic has prompted the creation of this new garden alternative. With this type of technology, more people, especially those who cannot grow outdoors, can enjoy home-grown food.

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