Former OFW returned home to pursue his love for farming

Celestino Mananguit used to work as an OFW before he returned home to pursue his love for farming. He now runs a farm that grows various crops and raises livestock.

By Eula Dee Lañada
Photos by Aeron P. Bermudez

Experiencing farming from a young age as his parents are also farmers, Mr. Celestino Mananguit was inspired to push through this field. An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) for 26 years, Mananguit decided to head back home and focus on farming. He realized that he can live through farming at the same time do one of the things he loves.

Clad with a heart for the community, he said that he chose to let people visit his farm for free to help them develop a deep love for farming. With this, he can support them in a way that can be very fulfilling.

Coming from a family of farmers, Mananguit also shares a passion for growing food.

Mananguit said that whatever venture one is going to pursue, one should focus on it to become successful. “Kung wala ang puso mo sa ginagawa mo, hindi ka magiging successful,” he added. This is also applicable to farming, if you are not focused in the craft, most probably you will not become productive and successful.

With 5 ha. of productive land sprawled with a wide array of fruits and vegetables, Jo-Cel Farm, which is a learning site for agriculture, is located in Sta. Catalina Bata, San lldefonso, Bulacan. His farm is overflowing with rice, corn, chili pepper, string beans, ladies’ finger, radish, Chinese cabbage, and watermelon. A vast pond surrounds his function hall filled with native catfish and tilapia. His farm is a home for water buffaloes, native pigs, cattle, and goats too.

Mananguit grows rice, corn, chili pepper, string beans, ladies’ finger, radish, Chinese cabbage, and watermelon on his farm.

If you are interested to learn more about farming particularly in cattle production and inland fishery, feel free to visit Jo-Cel Farm.

This article was first published as Jo-Cel Farm Farm in Vignette A Travelogue of Central Luzon’s Agritourism Sites from the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III.

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