Avoid body pains from gardening by maintaining good posture

Photo by Jonathan Kemper from Unsplash

Several studies and personal experiences have attested to the mental and physical benefits of gardening. But the activity can sometimes be strenuous, leaving gardeners with unpleasant body pains and aches. One way to avoid these pains is by maintaining good posture. 

Before going out to care for the plants, gardeners can do warm up exercises to avoid sudden physical strains. Exercises like yoga and pilates can help improve flexibility while doing a few squats or stretches promotes agility. 

Another way that gardeners can avoid body pains is by avoiding slouching. Using ergonomic tools like long-handled shears, knee pads, and stools can also help prevent body pains and a bad posture while gardening. 

Gardening is an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby that also promotes both physical and mental health. For best results, gardeners should also exercise some extra precautions to avoid exerting themselves in the process. 

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