How dairy farming opened new opportunities for farmers in Bulacan

With only a few heads of cows and water buffaloes at the start, Bulacan Agricultural Training Center Inc. managed to expand their efforts and help more farmers in the process.

By Eula Dee A. Lañada
Photos by Kent Edward S. Ballesteros

The Bulacan Agricultural Training Center, Inc. started producing dairy products with just several heads of cows and water buffaloes. Back then, the collected milk will be transported to a nearby processing center but due to the influx of demand, they decided to process the products on their own Now, the several heads of cows and water buffaloes have since multiplied.

From several heads of cows and buffaloes, the number of livestock on the farm has increased, giving farmers an opportunity to make an income from dairy products.

This paved way to the establishment of the Bulacan Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BDMC) which helped the community and opened job opportunities for the farmers. “I want to help the community through creating job opportunities for them,” said Ms. Adelpha B. Adriano, owner.

The farm also holds a dairy training center. Same with the BDMC, its goal is to give employment opportunities for the trainees. Everything about animal production (ruminants) is covered in the training center: care from calf to giving birth, diseases, feeds, among others.

Bulacan ATC Inc. also holds a dairy training center with the goal to give employment opportunities for the trainees.

After the training, there are already employers waiting for them locally and internationally. In fact, they have sent numerous trainees abroad.

Students and other visitors flock their area to experience farm activities such as tree planting, fishing and feeding of fishes, milking of cows and water buffaloes, and processing of yogurt and pastillas. Dubbed as a leisure farm, this is a perfect educational trip destination for the youth as they also offer unique activities such as rappelling, wall climbing, swimming and zip line adventures.

Hungry? Don’t worry because the farm offers these delightful dairy treats which are ready for you to devour: flavored milk, yogurt, fresh milk, paneer Indian cottage cheese, kesong puti, and pastillas.

This article was first published as Bulacan Agricultural Training Center, Inc. in Vignette A Travelogue of Central Luzon’s Agritourism Sites from the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III. 

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