Art and plant lovers have the best of both worlds in this ornamental plant and art show

Art Lounge Manila opens the exhibition Plantitos y Plantitas with special partner Arid and Aroids.

The plant craze that gripped the nation toward the middle of last year’s ECQ was a pleasant surprise for many of us. In the confines of our homes, we rediscovered our love for the natural world, particularly for plants; and with this “plant fever” a new subspecies of passionate hobbyists emerged: the Plantitos and Plantitas.

Suddenly, it was fashionable for people to grow plants, and even more so, to engage in the lucrative buying and selling that caught the imagination of the nation. Almost overnight, plants became a status symbol, endorsed by celebrities, auctioned daily through facebook live, and even became targeted by thieves who want to make a quick buck from expensive collector item plants.

Looking into this social phenomenon, Art Lounge Manila opens the exhibition Plantitos y Plantitas with special partner Arid and Aroids, the company that contributed to this phenomenon so greatly.

Combining their expertise in the visual arts and the delicate art of plant husbandry in Plantitos y Plantitas, Art Lounge Manila and Arid and Aroids present a unique art-and-plant exhibition where the gallery is not just a curated art gallery, but an indoor landscaped garden inside The Podium Mall!

Art Lounge Manila opens the exhibition Plantitos y
Plantitas with special partner Arid and Aroids.

Presenting their works are painter-sculptor Tet Ureta Aligaen, multi-awarded botanical painter Dindon Cordova, painters Inka Madera, Julie Gil, Anna de Leon, Kristine Lim, Carlo Magno, Christian Mirang, Francis Nacion, Lisa Villasenor and mixed media artist Melissa Yeung Yap.

Each of them have their unique take on presenting botanical beauty inspired by the collectibles plants brought by Arid and Aroids, namely, Philodendron Leland Miyano, Philodendron Esmeraldense Colombia, Alocasia Regal Shield, Philodendron Hecules, Green Pastazanum. Silver Pastazanum. Philodendron Joepii, Golden melanoni. Philondendron Esmeraldense “Long” Philodendronn Grandipes. Philodendron SP Napo. Philodendron Green Congon
Variegated. Monstera Adonsonii Variegated. Dottie. Anthurium Angel Wings. Philodendron Jerry Horne. Anthorium Tie. Philodendron Mamei. Anthurium Veitchii. the Philippines’ own Amydrium Zippelianum, and the ultra-coveted Philodendron Spiritus Sancti which is extinct in the wild and goes for more than a million pesos!

Get a chance to own the uplifting artworks and the collectible plants in this unique plant-painting exhibition! Plantitos and Plantitas exhibition is presented by Art Lounge Manila and Arid and Aroids.

They will be located at The Podium, Mandaluyong. The exhibition will run from October 16 to
30, 2021.

For inquiries, please call 09778398971 or 09989937963, or email [email protected]. Follow us on our social media accounts @artloungemanila on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. For updates on our upcoming shows log in to

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