Farm managing partner shares three tips on how to run a farm

Serrano Agri-Ventures Farm is managed by Jet Serrano and his brothers.


Running a farm isn’t always as easy as it seems. While others will get the hang of it through experience, some require a little guidance from experienced farmers.

Jet Serrano, the managing partner at Serrano Agri-Ventures Farm, has some of that experience that makes him a credible source on farming. He and his brothers revived their parents’ farm during the pandemic so they can provide a source of fresh, healthy food to people. 

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Serrano shares three tips on how to run a successful farm using available resources.

According to Serrano, being knowledgeable can help farmers run a farm effectively.

His first advice on how to run a farm is that it’s never too late to learn new things. This idea comes from an experienced breeder who taught them about free-range chicken farming. 

“‘An educated farmer is a successful farmer.’ This line stuck with me because, in all aspects of life, knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand in overcoming challenges,” he said. 

The process of growing food and raising animals itself also requires information before farmers can become successful. This information continues to change and develop over time as more technological advancements and new practices come to light. 

Budding farmers can use the internet to search social media platforms, streaming services, websites of government agencies, or journal websites to access modules, workshops, and training to help them become better at farming. They can also connect with other farmers to gain some knowledge and insight. 

Next, Serrano advises farmers to think outside the box and use modern technology to their advantage. 

“One of the things I first noticed about the farming business is it is driven by a middleman market. This means that most of the time, farmers don’t have much say on the market price,” the managing partner said.

Produce from Serrano Agri-Ventures Farm are sold online.

But with the booming social media presence, Serrano believes that farmers and agripreneurs like him can create their market by utilizing the internet and other technological advancements to reach consumers directly. 

This will also help in promoting the farm-to-table concept which many farms are hoping to achieve. Farmers and agripreneurs can also turn to value-adding to turn their creativity into profit. 

Lastly, Serrano tells farmers to be proud of what they do. Many people view farming as a humble job but they don’t realize the important role that farmers play in keeping a country well-fed.

Serrano and his brothers are proud to be farmers and to work with other farmers as well because they get to provide food for their community.

For the managing partner, being a farmer is nothing to be ashamed about because they are the ones who are responsible for the food on people’s tables, even during a pandemic. 

With the right knowledge and access to modern technology, farmers can learn how to manage their farms better, increase production, and create a market despite rigid competition. 

For more information, visit Serrano Agri-Ventures Farm on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Jet Serrano

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