What causes leggy houseplants and how to fix them

Photo by Vadim Kaipov from Unsplash

Leggy houseplants refer to plants whose growth is focused on the stems, which are stretched out and have sparse leaves. 

This happens because the plant is reaching in the direction of light so it can make enough energy to survive. As a result, the stems grow longer and thinner as it drops the leaves that it can’t support. 

The quick fix to this problem is by relocating the plant to a different spot that gets an ample amount of light. Different plants have different light needs so it’s important to find out how much each one needs. 

Besides moving a plant to a more ample light source,  pruning can also encourage new stems to sprout to restore a plants’ former lushness. Exceptionally long stems need to be trimmed by one-third of their length.

After trimming, water the plants well. The soil around plants that grow in areas with bright light dries faster compared to those in low light spaces. By three or four weeks in a new location with ample sunlight, the plant should look fuller and healthier. 

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