Free cows, sacks of rice, and plots of land for vaccinated individuals 

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

In the Philippines, some towns and brands are offering rewards and discounts for vaccinated individuals. 

In a farming town up north, a mayor promises its constituents a cow raffle every month from September 2021 onwards for those who got their COVID-19 vaccines. 

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

In other cities, vaccinated residents can get a chance to receive 25 kilograms of rice in a weekly raffle, too. 

A town in Ilocos Sur will also give away a house and lot in a raffle draw in December once they receive an adequate supply of vaccines for the locals. 

Some malls that serve as vaccine sites have also been offering freebies such as banana fritters (maruya) and free parking. These benefits can be availed of as long as one shows proof of vaccination. 

In a poll last May 2021, only one-third of Filipinos are ready to get their COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccine safety and side effects are the common reasons behind vaccine hesitancy. Some citizens also fear that they could die from the vaccine. 

Research says that three out of five people preferred vaccines from the US, and only one in five people said the vaccine’s brand didn’t matter. 

Authorities continue to offer perks as a way to encourage more individuals to get their vaccines against COVID-19.

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