Benguet farm owner shares why she’s fond of orange jasmines

Photo by ignartonosbg from Pixabay
Photos courtesy of Cristina Molitas Tolero

It is without question that gardeners and farmers have a passion for growing all kinds of plants and crops. But there are some instances when they would have to pick their favorites—for certain reasons, of course. 

An example of this is Cristina Molitas Tolero, the proprietor of La Diyang Haven in Barangay Baw-ek, Taloy Sur, Tuba, Benguet. Even though the farm was only established in 2018, Tolero has already been gardening since her childhood years.

Cristina Molitas Tolero is the owner of La Diyang Haven in Barangay Baw-ek, Taloy Sur, Tuba, Benguet.

She shares that among all the plants that she has grown thus far, her favorite is the orange jessamine or orange jasmine (Muarraya paniculata). This is because she finds the flower fragrant and captivating. Plus it’s edible. 

“Every single part of the plant, except the branches, is completely safe to be eaten and is even often added to salads or eaten as is. The leaves of the plant are quite appetizing and are used to make a delicious tea,” Tolero said.

Her favorite plant, orange jessamine or orange jasmine, not only looks and smells good but is edible as well.

Orange jessamines are only some of the plants that grow in La Diyang Haven, which Tolero considers as her masterpiece. It is there that she gets to enjoy a simple life surrounded by greenery, colorful plants, and a sustainable environment that helps revive her weary spirits. 

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