Underwatering has some benefits to vegetables

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Giving vegetables the right amount of water is necessary for their proper growth and development. Too much water will cause drowning and root rot, while not enough water could cause plants to wilt, that’s why most gardeners are very careful when it comes to watering their crops. 

Newly planted plants are spoiled with the hose and are regularly watered so they can establish themselves properly. But once they become more established, they can be hardened in several ways. One of them is by watering sparingly, but not too seldom. 

Plants that are stressed because of low levels of moisture can trigger and concentrate their defense compounds which makes them more resistant to pests and diseases. This same stress can also stimulate deeper roots to allow the plants to gain access to more nutrients, withstand strong winds, and become drought-resilient. 

Even some specialist growers stress their plants intentionally by underwatering as it ripens because instead of having too much moisture in their vegetables which could dilute their flavor, they can produce a more delectable crop that has a unique selling price above others in the market. 

Like humans, plants need tender, loving, care for them to grow properly. But to make sure that they withstand extreme conditions and focus their energy on producing fruit, they need to be placed under pressure once in a while. 

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