Luxury brand Hermès unveils Birkin bag series made from real vegetables

Photo from Hermès on Instagram

Many of us are familiar with the luxury brand Hermès and its stylish products that range from clothes and scarves to cosmetics. But the product that the brand is well-known for is its Birkin bag which is sure to catch anyone’s attention (not to mention set its buyers’ wallets back by several thousand to millions). 

Recently, Hermès took to its official Instagram account to reveal an unexpected series of Birkin bags that look good enough…to eat.

That’s right. the luxury brand just unveiled three Birkin bags that are made of real vegetables such as asparagus, cabbage, and cucumbers. These bags were intricately crafted by artist Ben Denzer. 

Each bag was posted separately but had an accompanying caption that read “Enjoy the detour as classic Hermès bags inspire art good enough to eat by @bdenzer​.” 

Denzer also took to his personal Instagram account to show the production process of the vegetable bags. There were other bags born from Denzer’s creative mind. But instead of vegetables, these Birkin bags were made from bananas and apples. Unfortunately, these weren’t included on Hermès’ social media account. 

Many netizens are questioning the motive behind these bags but there’s no denying that the Birkin bags made out of vegetables really do capture anyone’s attention. 

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