Five fruits and vegetables you need to wash before eating

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. But these can also contain unappealing chemicals if unwashed properly. Whether bought in the market or grocery, fresh produce should always be washed before cooking or consumption. 

Here are five common produce that needs to be washed before consumption and some tips on how to do it:

1. Mushrooms 

Dust and dirt are prone to clinging to the skin of mushrooms. To clean them properly, remove the layers of dirt using tissue paper before washing the produce under running water. Lightly scrub the dirt areas under the water to thoroughly clean the mushrooms. If they still feel unclean, boil the mushrooms before cooking.

2. Lettuce

There’s a risk that unwashed lettuce may carry a food-borne disease or dirt from where it was grown. Avoid contracting any illness from eating lettuce by washing them thoroughly. First, cut its stem and pat dry the leaves with a towel. Rinse the leaves and then dip them in a bowl of cold water to retain their crispiness.

3. Potatoes

As tubers, potatoes are usually covered in dust and dirt from the ground so cleaning them properly can be challenging because the dirt can still stay even after a few rounds of washing. Remove the dirt using a brush and scrub the potatoes well under running water until most of the dust comes out.

4. Kiwi

Unknown to many, the fuzzy skin on kiwis can pick up a lot of dirt. To clean the fruit, take a firm scrub brush and wash the fruit under cold water while scrubbing the skin. Afterward, rinse the fruit thoroughly and pat dry with a towel or tissue.

5. Berries 

Washing berries have to be done when they are ready to be used since excess water can cause delicate fruits to spoil faster. To wash berries, turn on the cold water but make it flow gently before submerging the berries in water. 

There are many health concerns in the world today and one of the ways we can stay safe from them is by getting our daily fix of fruits and vegetables. And to make sure that we don’t contract any diseases from our food, it’s important to wash them thoroughly before consumption. 

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