Make skincare products using the plants in your garden

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Are you fond of using skincare products but are dissuaded because of their price or because you’re allergic to certain ingredients? Then take a look at your garden because your plants can be used to make your own skincare products!

For instance, cucumbers are a soothing astringent that reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin, reduce breakouts for acne-prone skin, combat premature aging, and soothes irritation among other things. 

Gardeners with aloe plants in their space can benefit from its gel because these can soothe sunburn or regenerate tired skin. 

Some products that you can try making are herbal oils and rose petal facial mist. 

To create herbal oils, select the carrier oil from a wide array of options. Coconut oil is a good choice on the skin but can cause your face to breakout when applied. Make sure that your carrier oil is compatible with your skin type to avoid harmful effects.

Next, add dried plant material to the carrier oil and allow it to steep for at least two to six weeks in a warm spot that’s not exposed to direct sunlight. Strain through a sieve and transfer the solution into your container of choice. This can now be used to make massage oil, lotions, cleansers, and other products. 

Another skincare product that you try making is rose petal facial mist. This product helps restore dehydrated skin by giving it a boost of moisture from the sugar and natural oils found in the rose petals. It also helps to cleanse and tone the skin. 

To make this, start by creating a glycerite from vegetable glycerine, which can be bought, and distilled water. Infuse rose petals into this solution. 

Next, take the glycerite with rose petals and add it into a rose tea infusion made by putting rose petals into distilled scalding water and allowing them to steep for 20 minutes. Mix the product well before transferring it into a spray bottle. 

Use the rose petal mist at any time. But remember to only make a small amount because it doesn’t last very long. Keeping it in the fridge may prolong its life for a few more days or so. 

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right plants in your garden, along with some other tools, you can make your own natural skincare products that will make both your skin and wallet happy. 

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