Boost hydration by adding these five fruits to water

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Aside from eating nutritious food, drinking the right amount of water can help a human body efficiently carry out its functions. And with the summer heat slowly descending upon us, staying hydrated is crucial this time around. 

To increase the hydration levels from water, several fruits can be added to water. Here are five of them:


When biting into a cucumber, the humble fruit gives a burst of juice that’s sweet and refreshing. This is because cucumbers are made up of 95 percent water. It also contains a small number of nutrients such as vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium. So it’s no surprise that people add cucumbers to their water for a more hydrating experience. 


Eating strawberries contributes to a person’s daily water intake while also providing several antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It has a water content of roughly 91 percent, making it a great addition to water. 


Many people know that watermelon is refreshing to eat especially in the summer months. With a water content of 92 percent, each bite just bursts with juiciness. One cup of watermelon contains nutrients like vitamin A and magnesium and gives a whole other level of hydration when added into water. 


Lemons are commonly added to water to add flavor and increase hydration. But another unique citrus that can be used for a similar purpose is grapefruit. With a water content of 88 percent, half a grapefruit has close to half a cup of water within it. And like most citrus fruits, it also has amounts of vitamin C to boost immunity. 


Cutting up an apple to add into water isn’t a common practice but it can boost hydration significantly. Apples contain up to 86 percent water as well as fiber and vitamin C to help with digestion and strengthening the immune system. 

With the temperature rising daily, staying hydrated has become a necessity among people. And with the addition of fruits in every bottle or glass, water will taste more refreshing and have a burst of flavor to enhance the overall experience. 

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