Daily plant inspection is crucial to keeping houseplants healthy

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Countless ways and approaches to gardening can sometimes overwhelm plant growers. One simple task that many gardeners prefer to ensure that their plants are doing well is to inspect them every day. A gardener can learn a lot about their plants by just looking into their leaves, stems, and soil regularly and noticing how they react to products or methods applied. 

Darcie Young Tashey, a Chicago-based plant parent, shared that it must be part of a gardener’s daily routine to check the plants. Growing ornamentals for so long makes it easier for the houseplants to be overlooked and neglected. Thus, making it a habit to notice the plants would help gardeners to know what their plants need. 

If leaves start to wilt or have brown edges, this may mean that they need more watering. In other cases, like if the leaves turn yellow, which may mean that they’re overwatered, exposing the plant to sunlight might help. 

Observing the changes in plants can determine which approach a grower should take in case of abnormal growths like discoloration and curling leaves. It can also help curb early signs of diseases or pest infestations.

Plants communicate through their foliage, said another grower. Leggy plants mean that they long for sunlight, hence, the need to transfer them to a sunnier spot. 

Talking to plants or just by being aware of their growth every day enables one to see the beauty of plants, especially when they start to bloom and thrive. 

Devoting a few minutes to attentively check on the plants every day would be sufficient as long as it is consistent. Perform this task in any manner that is most effective to oneself. It can be less overwhelming when taken in small steps until it becomes part of the daily routine. 

Although plant inspection can be time-consuming, allotting an hour or so on a free day might be enough to keep the plants watered, clean, and dust or bug-free.

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