Can caladiums thrive indoors? Yes. Here’s how. 

Featured photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels.

Caladiums are grown for their heart-shaped leaves with beautiful patterns and colors. It is an ornamental plant typically seen in home gardens, forests, near rivers, empty lots, and parks.

Since they are native to South American tropical forests, they grow best in outdoor conditions. Hence, tending to them as houseplants demand extra care and maintenance. 

To make them thrive indoors, they must be placed in a medium-lit spot with protection from harsh sunlight. Otherwise, their leaves will burn. It is best to put the caladium plants in a northern or eastern window where the sun exposure is not quite strong. 

Caladiums become dormant when temperatures drop. Most varieties like warm soil, partial shade, and lots of humidity. 

Humidity plays a significant role in their growth. Misting caladiums and placing a saucer with pebbles and water under the plant pot may help increase the humidity. 

Water them regularly or when the soil starts to feel dry. Fertilize only during their growing season. 

When caladiums are given proper care, the colors and patterns of their leaves become more vibrant and attractive. 

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