Different methods to save water for the garden

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Collecting rainwater and reusing household water are beneficial to gardeners as this can reduce water consumption, especially during summer. Here are ways on how you can store more water for your garden:

Water butts

A water butt is a large container used for the collection of rainwater from the roof through the downpipe. This method is best for small gardens. Water butts traditionally come in the form of wood barrels or zinc vessels. Today, plastic water butts are something more familiar and used by many. It can efficiently save more water than the former. Plus, gardeners can easily get water through its tap. 

Recycling household greywater 

Greywater is the wastewater from the household, except the toilet. Reusing greywater will demand a harvesting system that can collect, stock, and filter the water to be useful and safe for the garden. Use sandbeds and grease traps for filtration. 

Reed beds

A reed bed is a waterproof natural filtration system that creates a ready source of water. This must be dug at least one square meter wide and about 60 to 70-centimeter deep bed. Fill it with loose stone, gravel, and sand. Reeds such as Phragmites communis or australis are planted in the top layer of reed beds composed of fine, washed sand. This can be planted with other reed varieties for ornamental purposes and diversity. 

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