Gardening techniques that you should think twice about following

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Gardening provides growers with freedom and a wide range of techniques and creative ideas to help their plants grow. However, this freedom also comes with the downsides such as the spread of myths and misleading information. Here are a few of them: 


Misting leaves with water has been practiced to increase humidity in an area for plants to thrive. However, its effectiveness usually lasts for about 10 minutes only. Misting for at least an hour is necessary if you want to create a huge impact on an area’s humidity. Instead of misting, put moisture-loving plants in a bathroom or terrarium.


One popular watering myth to avoid is putting ice cubes on orchids. The temperature of ice cubes can also cause stress to plants, depending on the growing conditions. Water your orchids using a container or dip their pots in a large vessel filled with water for better results. 


Another concern is cacti terrariums. Terrariums are for plants that love low light and moist environments, which is the opposite of the growing conditions of cacti. Cactuses are a sun-loving plant that thrives best in the sunniest areas, so putting them in terrariums will only lessen their quality of life. 


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