Five common mistakes in growing succulents

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels.

Succulents are one of the easiest houseplants to tend to and are strongly recommended, especially for beginners. Succulents may be low-maintenance, but they still demand proper care to be in their best condition. 


Here are five common mistakes in growing succulents that you should avoid:


Using containers with no drainage. Any planter with no drainage won’t allow plants to breathe and to flush water from the soil. It is good to have cute planters for your plants, but any container without drainage holes won’t make the plant thrive. Keeping succulents in containers with no drainage will make them more prone to overwatering and root rot. Make sure to use containers with drainage and suitable potting mix.


Misting. While misting is good for other plants like ferns, this is not the case for succulents as it may damage their foliage and may cause them to rot. 


Underwatering. Succulents are hardy plants that can survive weeks or even a month without water. These plants can store extra water in their leaves and roots, but it’s still important not to dehydrate them for several weeks because this causes them to wither and drop leaves. When the soil is already dry, water them. If you still feel a bit of moisture in it, wait for a few days before watering. 


Insufficient light. Although there are a few succulents that can tolerate low-light conditions like snake plants, most varieties grow best with plenty of bright light. Inadequate light will make them pale and leggy as they look for sources of light. Check each succulent’s light requirement to assure that they can grow in your available growing space. You can invest in grow lights, too. 


Planting different varieties together. While succulent arrangements are a sight to see, most of them only thrive briefly. Mixing varieties of succulents or non-succulents in one container will only make them compete for water and soil nutrients. Do not plant other plants with dissimilar care needs, too, or else the plants will suffer. You may want to consider a dish garden if you are growing multiple succulents together to provide ample space for the plants. 


If you are a succulent grower, avoid these common mistakes and give your plant babies proper care for a flourishing plant collection. 


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