Five vegetables to feed babies who are being introduced to solid food

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Vegetables are always the go-to ingredients when we want to start eating healthier. Regardless of age, people always benefit from the health benefits of consuming vegetables. This is one reason why parents also feed their babies vegetables, especially when they’re beginning to consume solid food. 

Here are some softer, blendable vegetables that are suitable for babies that are six months old and above. 


These bright orange vegetables are commonly used as baby food. It contains plenty of fiber to promote healthy digestion among babies. Carrots also have a good amount of beta carotene which converts to vitamin A to enhance their vision and immune system. 


Rich in iron, spinach is a good choice for babies since it can provide the nutrients that they need for energy and growth development. 


When cooked properly, pumpkins are also an ideal vegetable to serve to babies. This vegetable has high amounts of vitamins A and C that boost their vision as well as enhance their immune system. 

Sweet potatoes 

Like carrots and pumpkins, sweet potatoes are filled with immune and vision-enhancing vitamin A. It also has a high content of fiber, manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. 


Not many adults prefer eating mushy peas, but to babies, it’s a good way to introduce them to solid food. Plus, they get to eat one of the vegetables with high protein content. 

Although these vegetables are some of the top picks to give babies who are being introduced to solid food, make sure that they are cooked properly, soft and mushy to avoid choking, so that they can enjoy its flavor and health benefits fully. 

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