Bottom watering: A different way to water your houseplants

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels.

Most gardeners commonly practice top watering for their plants. Another interesting way of hydrating plants is shown in a video posted by an Instagram user named Hilda who developed a love for gardening during the pandemic. On the clip, she submerged potted plants including mint, anthurium, cacti, and succulents in a larger container half-filled with water. Many people who’ve seen the time-lapse video were amazed and some even tried the process and also found it effective.


Check the Instagram post here.


The said method of watering presented is called bottom watering. This is an easy way to hydrate your plants without having to carry pails or hoses around the garden. When you put the potted plant in a bigger container, sink, or tub with water, the soil absorbs the water and hydrates itself. This method can be used for small to medium houseplants that can be easily carried around. 


The technique reduces the risks of overwatering as the soil is responsible for absorbing water according to the amount it can hold. One does not have to worry about watering sensitive leaves, too, since you are watering plants from the bottom.


The pots must have drainage holes so the soil can get enough water it requires. Gardeners will only need to give at least 10 minutes for every potted plant to hydrate and moisten their soil. Move your plant back to its place once done. 


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