Anthuriums: a beginner’s guide

Photo by Liam Red on Unsplash.

The anthurium, also called tail flower or flamingo flower, is a popular ornamental plant from the Araceae family. Anthurium plants can grow in all levels of indirect light but are not tolerant to direct sun. Low light may lead to lesser flowers and slower growth, while direct sunlight can also burn their leaves. For promising results, place anthuriums in an area with bright, indirect light. 

Anthuriums demand well-draining soil that can absorb water as well. A mix of potting soil and perlite is recommended for growing anthurium as a houseplant. Since anthuriums don’t like soggy soil, water them only when the soil is dry. They are prone to root rot, therefore, be careful not to overwater. Leaving them too dry will also slow their growth. 

When the roots are too dry, submerge the plant pot in water for an hour to remoisten them. Anthuriums do not need fertilizer regularly; once every three to four months of application is enough. For optimum blooms, use a fertilizer with the highest phosphorus content. Given the proper soil, location, and watering requirement, anthuriums won’t be difficult to nurture. After consistent care, they’ll give you strong, lasting flowers.

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