Memory garden: A green space for people with cognitive disorders

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Gardens have been prescribed by many doctors due to their benefits to the mind and the body. People with health conditions related to the brain or cognitive function like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can gather positive experiences by simply strolling around the garden. These can help patients to exercise, enjoy fresh air, and stimulate their senses. 


Memory gardens are said to have a link in restoring memories of patients with memory loss. Gardens are not only beneficial to patients with such illnesses, but they are also helpful for caregivers to have a place of peace from time to time. 


Gardens are scientifically proven to alleviate negative emotions and stress while also bringing hope and engagement through garden activities. Any garden similar to memory gardens can have these capacities, but building a garden designed for patients with Alzheimer’s disease involves vital elements that fill certain needs.


Elements to consider in building memory gardens 

Experts suggest that gardens must involve different features that promote safety and health. Avoid toxic plants, instead, install railings and provide non-slippery paths that are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. 


Memory gardens may include smell, colors, sound, and even edible plants. Safety features like gates and fences can be covered to prevent anxiety in patients. Grow vines and trees on gates and fences to surround the place the natural way. Maintenance is also a must to limit garden hazards.


Insert benches, rest areas, and shady spots where patients can relax even on a hot, sunny afternoon. With these special additions, you’re building a beautiful, nurturing, and healing environment for loved ones.


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