How to germinate seeds in egg cartons 

Image by Tongpradit Charoenphon from Pixabay

If it’s your first time gardening or growing plants from seeds, using egg cartons is a great choice. Firstly, reusing them will cut your expenses. Since you’re repurposing, you’re also helping the environment by reducing waste. Egg cartons are small and already partitioned, making them easier to use.


They can be trimmed into pieces or can be used as a whole. Gardeners can write directly on the egg carton to label the seeds. If the carton is made from biodegradable material, they may also be planted directly on the ground along with the seedlings. 


Collect egg cartons at home or ask some from your friends and family, depending on how much seeds you want to sow. To begin, poke small holes in every egg cup for drainage. If possible, cut the lid of the egg tray and place it underneath to act as a catch basin. Fill the egg tray segments with potting soil and sow the seeds. Wet the soil afterwards, making sure it’s moist but not drenched.


Cover the carton with a plastic bag to retain heat inside, allowing the seeds to germinate. Once sprouted, remove the plastic and put the tray in a sunny area until the seeds are ready for transplanting. 


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