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The Philippines deems itself an agricultural country, yet its farmers are some of the most marginalized sectors in the nation.

There are many factors that include, but are not limited to lack of land, lack of resources, poor supply chain, lack of technology, inadequate planning, and uneven pricing.

But while Filipino farmers struggle to find opportunities to make money, other countries with a rich agriculture industry have the opposite problem: finding qualified farmers.

A post from an accredited manpower agency in the POEA website and social media is looking for farmers to be posted in a school in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

The position is open to male and female applicants aged 21-35 who have a Level N4 proficiency in the Japanese language, have completed three years of the technical intern Training Program (TITP) in Japan, and has passed the Certified Agriculture Skills Proficiency Test given by the Japanese government.

If hired, responsibilities will include livestock farming, breeding and management, and the selling of livestock products and processed products. Benefits include housing, food, transportation, and a salary of JPY 205,880 ( P95,000+) per month.

While many Filipino farmers barely make minimum wage, there are countries that offer their farmers a salary that’s comparable to that of a Manila executive.

With Japan giving such importance to its farmers, it’s no wonder that it’s a country known for its top tier agricultural products, despite its lack of natural resources.

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