Different light levels that gardeners need to consider

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In growing plants, light is among the initial requirements to secure proper development. But like in soil and water, plants also require different levels of sunlight in order for them to thrive. Here are some things to know about sunlight levels. 

Bright, direct light is usually determined if objects leave really crisp, dark shadows and people might find it uncomfortable to sit and read in this spot at the height of summer. Cacti and succulents thrive well in this condition as well as other specimens such as bougainvillea. 

On the other hand, bright, indirect light is less harsh than bright, direct light and is ideal for numerous species of houseplants since it lowers the risk of having their delicate leaves getting burned. People are more comfortable sitting and reading here without squinting. 

Finally, any area that’s two meters away from the window is classified as low, indirect levels. Few species will be happy here because it doesn’t get as much sunlight as other areas. 

In choosing what plants to place in specific areas, it’s best to conduct research first to find out where they’re suitable and secure proper growth. 

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