Singapore approves lab-grown chicken for sale in market

After rigorous consultation and review, Eat Just Inc., a company that utilizes state-of-the-art science and technology to create healthier and more sustainable food, developed cultured chicken safe for human consumption. 

The newly developed cultured chicken made from animal cells will be made available in chicken bites and other formats for the company’s product line. 

The company recognizes cultured meat’s role in creating a safer, and more secure global food supply.  At the same time, the production of cultured meat can provide healthy options for consumers. 

Over the course of many months, the company demonstrated a consistent manufacturing process of their cultured chicken by going over 20 production runs in 1,200-liter bioreactors. They have also steered clear of antibiotics during the process. Safety and quality validations showed that harvested cultured chicken met the standards of poultry meat, with extremely low and significantly cleaner microbiological content than conventional chicken. 

Upon further analysis, it was discovered that cultured chicken contains a high protein content, diversified amino acid composition, high relative content in healthy monounsaturated fats, and is a rich source of minerals.

The company is set to launch GOOD Meat brand in Singapore, building on the country’s reputation as a world leader in business, technology, and culinary innovation. 

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