How Legacy Construction Corporation’s venture into poultry farming helps revitalize Romblon’s economy

Romblon routinely relies on imports to sustain its own supply of meat and eggs. But with this past year of unprecedented disruptions in logistics and transportation, it was time for Romblon to find new ways to strengthen its own local agriculture.

Legacy Farms, an expansion of Legacy Construction Corporation, is working to create just that — a self-sustaining Romblon that empowers its community to grow its own supply of food, starting with a dynamic poultry farm.

“Upscaling the province’s egg production is a big step in revitalizing our economy,” said Alex Abelido, President of Legacy Construction Corporation. “Creating a self-sustaining community is so important, especially given our current circumstances in the pandemic,” he adds. 

As Romblon is accustomed to importing eggs from Batangas, simple weather disruptions can mean both a low supply and a spike in prices. As eggs are an incredibly versatile food product, being cut off from its supply of eggs greatly impacts the locals’ source of nutrition, as well as the province’s economy as a whole. Tablas alone requires about 75,000 eggs a day to sustain the island.

Legacy Farms addresses these issues by building the necessary infrastructure for a productive system of poultry farming. Currently, they are able to produce approximately 50,000 eggs a day, with the goal of making Romblon and its neighboring islands completely self-sufficient. Moreover, this change in Romblon’s food supply chain has also led to inclusive growth for other small businesses in the province.

As Raymond Abelido, Director of Operations of Legacy Construction, shares, “Producing our own eggs result in several positive impacts. Small businesses in the food industry can now thrive as there’s a steady egg supply, and we can help prepare the industry to accommodate an influx of people, locals and tourists, once the economy fully reopens.”

Legacy Farms is now able to provide the eggs needed for a range of businesses, including local eateries who benefit greatly from the guaranteed supply of eggs and meats being farmed.

Independent home cooks are also more capable of cooking a variety or nutritious meals for their families thanks to the stability and proximity of this local farm.

As Legacy Farms continues to expand their agribusiness, Alex shares their intentions to keep community growth at the forefront of their endeavors. “We choose to empower these communities as part of the company’s commitment to thrive alongside them. Every community is filled with the potential to thrive, and we will continue to tap into those possibilities,” he concluded.

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