Coconuts are accepted as tuition for a college in Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Evgenia Basyrova from Pexels

To keep their students from worrying about how to pay their tuition, especially after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economy, the Venus One Tourism Academy is accepting coconuts as payment for classes. 

Other plants such as moringa leaves (malunggay) and gotu kola are also accepted as tuition. 

Wayan Pasek Adi Putra, the director of Venus One Tourism Academy, told a local news outlet in Indonesia that the initiative is done to educate their students to make use of the natural resources in their surroundings. 

Initially, the academy’s tuition payment scheme was paid thrice in installments, with 50 percent for the first payment, 20 percent for the second, and 30 percent for the third. But because of the pandemic, the academy had to adapt a more flexible policy. 

Since the academy produces virgin coconut oil, the students can pay for their education using coconuts. 

The coconut oil and assorted leaves will be combined to create herbal soaps that can be sold on-campus to raise funds for the academy. 

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