Find the perfect plant to boost your well-being

There has been a growing number of research material on the benefits of plants on one’s well-being. Here are some suggestions on choosing the kinds of plants that could improve well-being for a long period of time.

1. There for you all year-round. One common discovery among the studies that claim that being around nature can give multiple benefits is that greenery has a significant effect on a person. Some studies even say that even looking at a green scenery can already calm individuals. So for a continuous relaxing effect, go for plants that can survive year-long.

2. A scent you enjoy. Evidence has also shown that aromatic compounds from plants have a mood-improving effect. Choose mild to sweet-scented plants, or whichever fits your preference, to fill up the space in a house or garden. Who wouldn’t love taking a quick whiff of fresh, scented air?

3. Maintained according to your lifestyle. Although plants themselves have been recorded to be beneficial for the well-being of people, it’s also important to get the body moving to promote strength and flexibility among other things. Gardening can help with this task. Simply divert from the usual low maintenance plants and go for those that require slightly more attention and effort. This way, both you and the plant can benefit from each other.

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