A family moved to the farm, started growing their own food during the quarantine period

The Abrigo family started farming in March to sustain them during the quarantine period.

During the strict quarantine period imposed last March 15, the public exhausted all possible resources that were available in order to sustain them through the confinement in their own homes. 

Such is the case for the Abrigo family from Camarines Norte in the Bicol Region. 

“We started our farming experience in March this year due to lockdown. My family moved from our home in the town proper and lived in a farm that’s owned by a relative in order for my parents to avoid going out of the house during the quarantine period,” said Al Abrigo, a member of the family.

Al Abrigo posing with some of the harvest from their farm.

According to her, she and her family started growing herbs, root crops, and other vegetables as part of their routine in the farm. They even started planting corn in a vacant lot that was neglected for around two months. 

“We were surprised that this neglected corn field has been giving us produce generously and we were able to harvest several sacks of corn,” Abrigo said.

Naturally-grown corn.

The family is proud that they manage to grow the corn naturally without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. 

Being the mother of the family, Abrigo believes that what they’re doing is also a good way to encourage the young generation to go into farming and appreciate producing their own food for consumption.

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